New CLD Research Briefs Published

August 14, 2020


Law Library

The next set of Research Briefs (RBs) from the China, Law and Development (CLD) project have now been published.

These RBs, available here, have been written by invited Research Associates – a global network of early-career scholars who are writing about current topics and specific aspects of their research related to the legal and regulatory challenges to Chinese outbound capital in developing states.

  • “International Arbitration in China and its Prospects – How it is Promoted at the Local Level” - Kai-Shen Huang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • “Left Behind: The Impact of China’s Mega-projects on Malaysia’s Marginalised” - Vivien Chen, Monash University, Australia
  • “New Developments in the Hainan Free Trade Zone/Port and their Implications” - Jingyuan Zhou, University of Arizona, USA
  • “Chinese Surveillance Tools in Africa” - Bulelani Jili, Harvard University, USA

We are also very pleased to include two Research Briefs written by students working with CLD Development Specialist, Chen Weitseng:

  • “The Fate of Chinese Mega Projects in Myanmar in Light of Growing Sentiment Against Chinese Investors” - Joel Liew Sze Kiong, National University of Singapore
  • “The Questionable Legality and Prospects of Chinese Hydropower Dam Investments in Cambodia” - Michael Leong Wen Wei, National University of Singapore

As always, the opinions expressed in the RBs represent the views of the author alone. They would appreciate any thoughts or comments you may have (contact information as at the end of each RB).