Picture Credits

Photographs of the China Centre, University of Oxford, were taken by Clare Orchard.


Wth thanks to Анастасия for 'connected lights': available on unspash.com.


For risk maps: Zhongguo guoji shanghui (中国国际商事) [China International Chamber of Commerce], Zuo waimao de zhuyi le! Zhe fen fengxiantu qingshou hao <(做外贸的注意了!这份风险图请收好)[Those Engaged in Foreign Trade, Pay Attention! Please Consider This Risk Map] (Oct. 15, 2018), available at https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xpXZjZAMabyBsT38XBQIDQ.


All other photographs taken by Matthew Erie, Irna Hofman and Miriam Driessen unless otherwise credited.

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