China, Law and Development

The world is in the midst of a sea change in approaches to legal and economic development. The rise of nationalism and protectionist policies in the U.S., U.K., and Europe has questioned commitments to global governance at the same time that China has emerged as a champion of globalization.

The “China, Law and Development” project (CLD), funded by the European Research Council, is a 5-year, interdisciplinary and multi-sited research project that aims to understand the nature of order that underlies China’s new globalism, an order that has multiple sources, one of which may be law.

This project breaks new ground in analyzing Chinese approaches to “law and development” in recipient or host states in the global South. The research emphasizes a rigorously empirical design with the aim of providing neutral academic analysis on one of the most important questions of the twenty-first century: what does China’s emergence in the law and development field mean for the world?

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